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LUXMAN 1956~1986

In the past 60 years, 30 with Luxman and 30 with Air Tight, I have been fortunate to witness the transformation of our industry. From the beginning with vacuum tube amplification to solid-state and the concept of analog playback to digital, all in the pursuit and re-creation of the musical experience.
It is a supreme honor for me to be included in The Absolute Sounds “Hall of Fame” and I will continue to contribute so long as I live, to the reproduction of high quality music. That is my promise and commitment. There is a saying in Japan, that when one reaches the age of 80, one receives an invitation from another world. And I always reply, “It is too early as I still have many tasks to achieve.”
I extend my appreciation to Messrs. Jonathan Valin, Robert Harley, and Julie Mullins for shining their light on our company by visiting and experiencing our Air Tight factory in Osaka, Japan. Thank you.

Atsushi Miura, President

02.14Doticon_red_NEW.pngLimited resale of ATC-2HQ (BLACK)Due to high popularity and requests for our ATC-2HQ control amplifier, we are now offering limited 5units.While supply last! Please contact your local Airtight representative for inquiry.
01.15We regret to announce you of discontinuation of ATC-2 Pre-Amplifier due to availability of parts and components. We thank you for your patronage and interest in ATC-2 for over 30 years.
08.10-16Office will be closed on Aug 10 — Aug 16 for summer holidays.Business will resume on August 17.
05.15We have started a new Instagram site.
05.11This web page was updated. Information for ATM-3211 was added.
AV Head-fi Show 2017 HongKong

The latest power amplifier ATM-3211 was demonstrated at the Hong Kong High-End Audio Visual Show on August 11-13 and everybody enjoyed the high power sound by means of triode. Thank you for the attendance.

International CES 2017 in Las Vegas,USA.



HIGH END SHOW 2016 Munich

08.11Office will be closed on Aug 11—Aug 15 for summer holidays.
04.08We’re happy to announce that our company reached the 30th anniversary.
01.19Our web page was updated.We added the Opus-1 page of the 30th anniversary product to our web pages.
09.01Our Website is moving on September 1. Our new Website address will behttp://global.airtight-am.net/
08.13-17Office closed for summer holidayWe'll be closed for summer holiday from August 13 to 17.Business will resume on August 18.
02.20We have released the 25th anniversary power amplifier ATM-3011.
03.20We have released record player T-01.
01.06-09We exhibited components International CES in Las Vegas,USA.
11.02We have released MC transformer ATH-2 REFERENCE.
08.13-16Office closed for summer holidayWe'll be closed for summer holiday from August 13 to 16.Business will resume on August 17.
02.07We revised this web site for IE6.
01.18We updated this web site.
01.07-10We exhibited components International CES in Las Vegas,USA.
12.24We renewed AIR TIGHT official web site.
04.01We have released phono equalizer amplifier ATE-2005.LinkIcon

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